Four Easy Steps to Prevent California Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are considered to be one of the common causes of wrongful deaths in the United States. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) statistics, in 2008 alone, around 5,290 motorcyclists were killed while 96,000 others were injured due this type of traffic accident. One of the states that are plagued by motorbike accidents is California. According to statistics, about 400 fatal California motorcycle accidents are recorded each year.

It is common knowledge that motorcycle riding is dangerous, considering that this vehicle is less stable compared to cars and it cannot provide adequate protection to the person who is riding it.

Reasons why motorcycle riders must take extra care:

• Approximately 59 percent of all the motorcyclists who were killed in 2008 were not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.
• In 2008, around 25 of motorcycle accidents that resulted in death involved bikers who collided with stationary objects and at least 19 percent of them involved bikers who collided with cars.
• About 3 percent of fatal motorcycle accidents that occurred in 2008 were alcohol-related.

Keeping out of motorcycle accidents

California motorcyclists are always in threat of getting involved in minor and serious road accidents which is why it is imperative for them to know how to avoid such mishaps. Riders must keep in mind that when an accident happens, there is a high possibility that they may sustain severe injuries and even death.

The following are four easiest ways to prevent tragic California motorcycle accidents:

1.       Be a defensive rider
It will increase your chances of saving yourself if ever you encounter a negligent driver.

2.       Make your presence felt by other road users
Because of the size of a motorcycle, you may not be easily noticed by drivers. You can make your presence felt by using your motorbike’s horn and by wearing bright colored clothing.

3.       Check motorcycle before hitting the road
Before you go out on the road, you should first make sure that your motorcycle’s brakes and tires are in a good condition. If the brakes are not working or if the tires are already worn out, you should immediately address the problem because failure to do so may result in an accident.

4.       Mind road hazards
Because your motorcycle only has two wheels, you can easily lose control of it if you accidentally ran over road hazards like debris, rocks, or potholes.

If you or one of your family members have been involved in a motorcycle accident, please call The Law Offices of Halkides, Morgan, and Kelley to speak with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney who can handle your case. 530.221.8150

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Getting The Compensation You Deserve After A Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycles are a great way to get around. Compared to an automobile, they are relatively inexpensive to purchase, easy on gas, and fun to drive. They take up little room in your garage and when you get to your destination, they are a breeze to park.

Along with the very attractive list of pros, there is a long list of cons. Things such as the vulnerability of the human body in the event of an accident.

Even with proper biking wear, such as helmet and leathers, the body is no match for steel, concrete, and gravel. And even having completed an instructional skills and safety course, accidents will happen. Almost everyone who has ridden a motorcycle has had some sort of incident.

As with all accidents, it is very important to gather as much information as possible, right away. Such things as speaking to any witnesses, taking pictures, and obtaining names and phone numbers from those involved will prove extremely valuable when organizing your personal injury claim.

Granted, no one ever wants to experience an accident, but being aware that there are personal injury lawyers who can assist you in obtaining compensation for your pain and suffering, is a good reason to be prepared.

Remember to seek medical advice as soon as possible after your accident. Even if you are feeling fine, with just a few scrapes and bruises, it is important to check things out in the event of future complications.

Make sure to follow your doctor’s instructions and keep a diary of your visits to the clinic or hospital. Keep track of your expenses, whether it be medications, taxi rides, rehabilitation, or child care costs. Write down everything, keep empty pill containers, and even the cast from your arm or the brace from your leg.

Of course you will need to talk to your insurance company as well as your personal injury lawyer who will be your guide through the intricacies of the system. This is all so important, especially if you have been badly hurt and believe it was due to the negligence of another person.

Having an expert attorney advocating your rights is the very best way to obtain compensation for you and your family. You deserve nothing less.

For a free evaluation of your case and to find an experienced motorcycle personal injury lawyer contact Halkides, Morgan & Kelley

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Head-On Car-Motorcycle Collisions

Head-on car-motorcycle collisions, also known as frontal impacts, are among the most frightening and most dangerous types of auto accidents, especially for motorcyclists. They typically occur when a negligent driver swerves onto the wrong side of the road and collides with an oncoming vehicle.

Head-on collisions can occur for a number of reasons, but almost all involve some amount of negligence on the part of one of the drivers. Frequent causes include passing without sufficient room, failure to negotiate a curve, or weaving in and out of traffic. The chances of a head-on collision are also greatly increased if the driver is impaired, such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI), or distracted, such as talking or texting on a cell phone.

Head-on collisions are so dangerous because the force of both moving vehicles increases the total force of the accident.  A head-on collision between two vehicles traveling 50 miles per hour (mph) is the equivalent of a vehicle hitting a stationary object at 100 mph.  While the driver of a car has a several-thousand pound vehicle to absorb this tremendous force, a motorcyclist has no such protection.

Since head-on collisions are frequently the result of driver negligence, if you or someone you love has been the victim of such an accident, you should contact an attorney.  If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a head-on car-motorcycle collision, you should contact a Redding motorcycle attorney.

Higher Risk for Motorcyclists
Head-on collisions are a special danger for motorcyclists for a number of reasons.  First of all, motorcyclists are at a higher risk for all types of multi-vehicle accidents because inattentive drivers do not see them.  Studies have shown that the failure of motorists to detect and react to motorcycles in time is the predominant cause of car-motorcycle accidents.  In head-on motorcycle accidents, a driver who is swerving or attempting to pass is less likely to see a motorcycle than another car, and is therefore more likely to have a collision.

Greater Chance of Severe Injuries or Death
In addition to the higher risk for head on collisions, motorcyclists are at higher risk for severe injuries or even death in the event of a head-on collision.  Head-on collisions can frequently throw the motorcyclist over the handlebars and into the oncoming car.  A head-on collision also exposes a motorcyclist’s head and chest to the brunt of the impact, and these two body parts have been found to be the most deadly in motorcycle accidents.  A motorcyclist will absorb the full force of the collision, which can cause traumatic injuries or death even if the motorcyclist has taken proper precautions, such as wearing a safety helmet.

Contact a California Motorcycle Lawyer
If you or a loved one has been involved in a head-on car-motorcycle accident in Northern California, in or near Shasta County, you should seek medical attention immediately, and it is recommended that you contact an experienced Redding motorcycle attorney to discuss your case.  For more information on motorcycle accidents in Northern California, please visit

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Motorcycle Accident Attorney

All motorcycle and car accidents can be nasty and sometimes fatal, but motorcycle accidents can result in particularly nasty injuries.

In 2008, just in the state of California alone, there were a reported 5,357 motorcycle related deaths. Many others are seriously injured and undergo serious life changes and disabilities due to motorcycle accidents. As far as statistics go, in most cases a motorcycle accident is not actually the fault of the motorcyclist, but more of the driver the other motor vehicle involved. In a large percentage of cases, the other driver was simply unable to see the motorbike; however, this does not excuse them from blame.

Motorcycle accidents often result in very serious injuries or death, and it is therefore important for those involved in a motorcycle accident to contact an experienced lawyer in order to recover costs for injury, distress, lost wages, medical expenses, and other damages caused as a result of the motorcycle accident. It is also important to take certain steps immediately following the accident wherever possible. Of course, this may not always be possible, as the accident could result in too serious an injury. However, you should try to:

Remain at the scene of the accident.
Call the police immediately or have someone call the police for you
File a police report as soon as the officers arrive.
Seek immediate medical attention, even if you think you are not injured. You may have injuries that will come to light later.
Get the license number, personal and insurance details, and name of the other driver involved.
Ask for the details of any witnesses present at the accident scene.
Seek legal assistance as soon as possible.

Being involved in a motorcycle accident can result in severe shock, so any injuries may not be immediately apparent. However, you should not let this apparent lack of injury put you off getting medical attention immediately, as this will be key to filing for compensation as a result of your accident. Likewise, wherever possible try and get witness statements, file your police report straight away, and get all of the relevant details from the other driver, as these will prove very useful when you claim for compensation for the injuries and damages that result from the motorcycle accident.

If you are the relative of someone that has been killed in a motorcycle accident, it is also important to seek legal representation right away in the event that the fault was the other drivers. There are many lawyers that specialize in motorcycle accident claims, and it is best to seek assistance from a lawyer with expertise and a good deal of experience in this area. You can usually set up a free initial consultation to go through the various legal options open to you.

An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer will be able to evaluate all of the facts surrounding the accident in order to get you the maximum amount of compensation possible for your motorcycle accident injuries. The lawyer will be looking to get compensation for mental or physical injuries, damage, loss of earnings, medical expenses, and any other damages resulting from the motorcycle accident.

A skilled and experienced lawyer in this field will be able to gather all of the relevant information and any necessary details to maximize your chances of a successful lawsuit as well as get you as much compensation as possible for the damage and expenses incurred as a result of the motorcycle accident.

To speak to highly experienced motorcycle attorney in California, please call The Law Offices of Halkides, Morgan, and Kelley at 530.221.8150.

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Prevent Road Rush to Avoid Motorcycle Crash

In this time and age, road safety has become a major challenge in almost any place in the world. Each year 50 million people are injured in road traffic accidents globally.

In Redding alone, deaths or injuries due to motorcycle crash are rising fast. Added to its busy streets and highways are the large volume of vehicles that travel in and out of Shasta County.

The dangers of riding motorcycle are more real than apparent. By merely looking at its structure, no expert advice is necessary to tell you its dangers.

Apart from the rider’s fully exposed body and little protection during crash, weather conditions can substantially influence motorcycle riding. Moreover, its small frame is no match to the size of other vehicles on the road.

In case of an accident, consultation with California motorcycle accident lawyer is advised.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Crash

Motorcycle crashes are common to children and adolescents. In many crashes, the victims aren’t wearing full-faced helmets.

Aside from not wearing proper helmets, injuries from motorcycle crash are caused by:

• Low conspicuity – Due to its small structure, motorcycles are less visible than other vehicles. It is advised that motorcycle drivers increase the use of reflective or fluorescent clothing, white or light colored helmets, and headlights. These are simple and cheap interventions that could considerably reduce motorcycle crash related injury and death.

• Speeding – Driving beyond the speed limit has been the usual culprit in most motorcycle crash and in all other accidents.

Safety Guidelines

Motorcycle riding is inherently dangerous. Steps must be taken to prevent collision with other vehicles or fatal crashes.

The following tips may be helpful to a safer motorcycle ride:

• Never cut in front of large vehicles – Fully loaded trucks weigh about 80,000 pounds and take the length of a football field to stop. On the other hand, cars weigh up to 3,000 pounds.

• Do not drive alongside large vehicles – There are large blind spots around trucks and other huge vehicles where cars shortly “disappear” from view and the driver cannot see you. To be visible motorcycle drivers should not linger near trucks and should move past them or slow down to back off, out of the blind spot.

• Avoid changing lanes – Change lanes cautiously. Only change lanes when you can see both of the truck’s headlights in your rearview mirror. In case of trucks, its blind spot on the right runs the length of the trailer and extends out 3 lanes. Motorcycles riders should try to avoid passing through this large blind spot.

• Keep considerable distance – Try to leave a 10-car length safety cushion in front of another vehicle and stay back 20-25 car lengths. Following another vehicle too closely obscures your view. Trucks make wide turns at intersections and require additional lanes to turn, so motorists should allow a truck the space it needs to maneuver.

• Remain alert and always be prepared to avoid a crash

• Wear highly visible clothing especially at night

• Use headlight, even in daylight

• Communicate with the other drivers by using the proper signals, brake light, and lane position.

Our experienced Redding motorcycle attorneys from The Law Offices of Halkides, Morgan, and Kelley, are familiar with motorcycle accidents and other accident-related issues. You can access our website or simply call 530.221.8150.

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